Picture this… you are a wedding photographer. Being in high demand you have had a wedding booked for over a year. Your preparation is on point, your SD cards are loaded and your Canon is ready to go. You are about to OWN this wedding.

Everything goes smoothly and you fly out of there like a loose dog to head home to a house full of kids and a husband who just finished the latest rerun of Sports Center. You made it… you shot a huge wedding and now it’s time to kick back.

The next morning you pull out the SD card to load them into your computer and PANIC.


The photos you worked so hard for are simply gone. Nothing to show for an entire day spent on the wedding that would “take your portfolio to the next level” then real PANIC sets in. What would you say to the bride? You were it. The last piece of her wedding fairytale. GONE.

Being that two of my best friends are professional photographers, I can tell you that this conversation has happened with both of them. The what if’s.

  • What would happen if your kids flushed a memory card?
  • What would happen is your camera was stolen on site at a venue?
  • What would happen if you were taking family photos and someone tripped over a prop?
  • What would happen if you had to cancel an event or re-assign a photographer due to family crisis

These are all very real scenarios that happen frequently. Whether you are a wedding photographer, a family photographer, or you are doing Senior photos. You need protection for not just your hard work but also yourself in the event you are unable to provide the service in which you promised.

Here are a few things you must know as a photographer in order to protect yourself adequately against a “loss” situation.

  1. General Liability is a must.

  • This coverage is going to allow you protection to go onto venue grounds and protect yourself from the standard “slip and fall” type coverage.
    • Example: You leave a tripod up and decide to free shoot. Little Lily trips and breaks her ankle on it while falling.
  1. Professional Liability is DIFFERENT than General Liability and is a must

  • That SD card that was blank (referenced above) must be handled. If you just had general liability coverage then sadly this would not be a covered loss. Professional Liability is going to provide you coverage for when said bride finds out you no longer have photos of her wedding. It can replace deposits, can provide you further coverage if sued, etc

  • I can not stress enough how imperative it is to have special equipment coverage for your professional photography equipment. If you use your camera to earn money… YOU NEED SPECIAL COVERAGE for it. Simple as that. Furthermore if something happened while you were at a venue most insurance carriers won’t extend coverage. Please make sure you speak with your independent insurance agent to make sure you have away from “premise” content coverage. This is crucial to your business.

Insurance is never meant to scare you. However, as a business owner I am completely aware that if you aren’t adequately protecting your business then you are putting yourself at risk daily as you work hard to build your name and business.

You worry about turning those seconds into life time memories…. I’ll worry about protecting those moments.

Erin Nutting

Author Erin Nutting

Erin Nutting is the owner of Integrity Insurance Services, an independent insurance agency located in Tucson Arizona. Integrity Insurance specializes in among other things, wedding insurance. If you are looking to protect one of the most important days in your entire life, give us a call today.

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