Hello Arizona Wedding Planners!

Almost every wedding planner in Arizona we've ever worked with has missed this one glaring hole in their wedding planning process. Check this out:

I am so excited that you are here! Welcome to the division of Arizona Wedding Insurance that is specifically built for Wedding Planners, like yourself.

You are the coordinator of all chaos when it comes to a wedding or any event you are creating. You are a master of moving pieces, a counselor at times, and even a seamstress when needed. The point is, you do everything. You worry about every detail.

What if I told you there was one detail that is being seriously overlooked in the wedding industry? One detail that could derail an entire day?


I know right? Who would have thought? On top of everything else you need to worry about now you have an additional piece. Well… that’s where I come in and can help. You work so hard planning every minute of a couple’s special day or event that I would love to take something off your plate and just simply make sure it is protected.

We can build a custom quote based on your bride’s specific wedding and make sure that if disaster strikes she is covered. Together we can build this for them.

Do we only take care of brides? No, we sure don’t. We have an entire division of our company geared just towards taking care of wedding vendors, such as yourself. Making sure that they also have coverage in place for their businesses. They are helping create the magic behind the scenes and we know in the wedding industry that accidents happen.

Photographers lose footage, cakes get knocked over, and sometimes vendors don’t show up. It is our job to protect both our vendors and clients in the event the accident/unthinkable happens.

I would love to chat a little more about how we can network together and further protect your clients special day. Take a look at our calendar below to schedule a time that works best for you!

I can’t wait to chat soon!