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As you get closer to your big day you are probably focused on the important things. Finishing touches to your seating chart, floral arrangements that fit your theme perfectly, and the perfect song to dance to for your first dance. Although you probably don’t want to think about it… there are many things that can go wrong on your wedding day.

Picture this:

You are standing in your beautiful gown waiting for your limo to take you to the venue where your ceremony starts at 4 pm. It’s now 4:15. No Limo. You aren’t panicking yet but you are almost there. The limo doesn’t show up. You paid them. You gave them a deposit.

Now what?

Well, there is protection for you in case this would ever happen on your special day.

Wedding insurance isn’t going to make that limo show up or prevent the sky from opening up with the thunder storm of a lifetime on your special day… but it will provide you with coverage for when disaster does strike.

So what exactly is Wedding Insurance?

In a jist, wedding insurance is the peace of mind on your wedding day to protect months and even years of investment into your special day. It provides you coverage for things that are sudden and beyond any control you might have.

Do I really need Wedding Insurance?

The way we look at wedding insurance at Arizona Wedding Insurance is this, you take out insurance on things like your vehicle, your home, or even in some cases your pets. Your wedding is a large financial investment that would not only would affect you financially if something were to go wrong but being this is one of the most important days of your life it could be emotionally crippling.

Purchasing a wedding insurance policy to cover your financial investment is the only way to guarantee peace of mind on that day.

How much is this going to cost?

At Arizona Wedding Insurance we specialize in creating a package for your special day that fits your coverage needs. It can range from anywhere to 150-850 depending on the size of your wedding, the venue, and the extras needing to be added to the policy. This policy is not a one size fits all. We are experts in fitting you with your perfect Wedding Package.

What does a Wedding Insurance Package Cover?


When you book a venue they normally will require you to have liability coverage in place to protect yourself from the normal “accidental” type of incidents. You can add the venue as an additional insured on the policy to also satisfy all of their needs for having your wedding at their venue.

Lost Deposits

Whether it be your limo driver who doesn’t show up, your photographer who moves away suddenly before your wedding, or any other funds you may have had to put towards a vendor for your wedding. If they are lost due to the service not being provided, Wedding Insurance can cover you for this.

Sickness or Injury

Your Wedding Package may also cover postponement due to sickness of the bride or groom. Expenses incurred for having to change the date etc. Make sure to talk with your Arizona Wedding Insurance agent to make sure this is included in your Package.


As we know here in Arizona, weather can change in the blink of an eye. Whether it be a dust storm, a torrential down pour in monsoon season, or a severe lightning storm preventing your wedding to be held at it’s location. All of these scenarios are examples of what would be covered under a Wedding Insurance Package.

The Package would pay for any incurred expenses for rescheduling the wedding such as flowers, venue changes, vendor fee’s, etc.

Military or Job Relocations

One of the many wonderful things about wedding insurance is it will cover any incurred expenses due to a postponement of the wedding because the bride or groom is called into active duty. It can also cover things like a sudden job relocation where someone’s company is relocating them etc.

What Additional Coverages Must You Know About?


What happens if your footage/files are lost or destroyed of your wedding day? There are several package options that will either repay your photographer to do a retake of the photos, re-stage the event, or repay you for the cost of hiring a new photographer/videographer if they fail to show at the event.

This is not a standard coverage and important to know if this is covered on your Wedding Package policy.


In the event your gifts from your guests are stolen either at your venue or given to you ahead of time it might be worth considering insuring them. This can be crucial at a wedding being that most of the time the gift table is unattended. You want to make sure to discuss this coverage with your Arizona Wedding Insurance agent to make sure what you would need to do to get the coverage and how to use it if something should arise.

Wedding Dress/Special Attire

You searched for months maybe even years for the perfect dress. You have spent countless amounts of money on the dress, alterations, and all the accessories to go with it. If something happened to it on your Wedding Day you would be devastated. Wedding Insurance can provide you with coverage to not only protect your wedding dress if it is stolen, but also if it is damaged, or if there are any incurred expenses because of the bridal facility going out of business and you not receiving your dress.

Liquor Liability

The last thing you want at your wedding is Uncle Bob drinking so much whiskey that he dances the night away to “Celebration” all night on the dance floor. However, the reality is… this happens. Not only does that happen but sometimes Uncle Bob can cause damage to a facility due to his inability to cut himself off. Liquor Liability will help cover you for any expenses caused by altercations, exposure due to intoxication, etc.

Most venues will require you have this coverage if you are serving alcohol at your wedding.

Please be sure to review with your insurance agent to make sure this is included in your policy.

There are so many wonderful things that happen on the day you get married. Everything comes together after months or years of planning, you see everyone important to you in one place, and most importantly you get to start your Happy Beginning.

Be proactive in protecting what you have worked so hard to plan. We will help you protect your special day. Call us today.

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